A little about me

Since I was a kid I’ve been telling stories. Then I grew up and realized I didn’t have to stop.

Over the last decade I’ve jumped into nearly every creative role — writing, editing, strategizing, producing, directing. I’ve built brands with over a million fans and led content teams with views in the billions (not a typo!).

In my current role as a Creative Director at BuzzFeed, I bring together our knack for highly watchable content and viral results to help major brands reach large-scale digital audiences. Past hats I've worn include leading video innovation and new formats for BuzzFeed's portfolio of lifestyle brands, running daily news video at MTV News, co-creating BuzzFeed Motion Pictures New York, and founding and leading BuzzFeed's first social news desk.

My videos and stories have been featured on shows like TodayNBC Nightly News, and Good Morning America, and my writing has been published by publications like The Boston Globe and Esquire.

You can find me in Brooklyn with my cat, Pico de Gato.


(photo: BriAnne Wills)